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XF 1.5 Please select a prefix


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You need to tick the option "Require users to select a prefix" in the Thread Prefixes tab in a node.

Also note that it says:

If selected, users will be required to select a prefix when creating a thread or updating its title. This will not be enforced for moderators or when moving a thread.


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Interestingly this bit doesn't seem to be correct:

This will not be enforced for moderators
at least when it comes to creating threads. I've just tried and I have to select one, even though I am a moderator (in the ACP with full permissions). @Mike @Chris D has this changed? Or maybe it's a typo and should read:

This will not be enforced for moderators when moving a thread.
Thanks for quick answer again! I love xenforo community and its support forums!
I am a total newbie and i just have to say thank you to all the "vets" that are using there freetime to help out ppl like me!