XF 1.5 Please Help! Main Navigation Help Needed!

I'm going to ask this again because I can't seem to get an answer & I cannot figure it out on my own.

I want to put a tab in the main menu that says "Community".

Under that tab (as children) I want to put the "Forums", "Members" and "Media" links.
These three links, and only these three links should show up in the secondary content menu of the "Community" page.
These three tabs should be removed from the main menu as independent tabs.
The "Community" tab should be highlighted when on the Forums, Members or Media pages.

I want the sub-links (children of) those three tabs (Forums, Members and Media) to show up in the secondary content menu area on the parent pages for those three areas - just like they do by default.

How can I do this? Please help!
As a bonus, if anyone knows how to get a normal looking tertiary drop-down sub-menu, I would appreciate any tips.
I am using Custom Tabs, which does get a certain amount of what I need done.
Unfortunately the "Community" tab is not highlighted when the child links are shown and for some reason all of the "Media" child links show up over the top of the the "Community" child links.

I am comfortable enough with code, I'm just new to xenforo.