Can't fix  ( Please enter a valid title ) box and search box

Hi (y),

I am coming today with a small issue in creating a thread,

if you forgot to enter a title and pressed post, ofc u will get an error message says that you forgot to enter the title,

I have noticed that if you pressed the search button you will get the search box ( ajax or JS ) but the error message of the missing title will be over the search box.
while it is fine with other stuff, my profile and ...

the attached image explaining every thing. (n)

I know it is not a big issue, but you know, I like XenForo to be without bugs (y)
I think it is java & CSS issues :notworthy:

sorry if it is a silly report :X3:



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This is actually remarkably similar to an issue Kier noticed the other day - the same thing happens with the quick search and the breadcrumb arrows. The quick search z-index is higher than both, but it's not applied - likely due to positioning of the header.

This may not be a trivial fix.


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This may not be a trivial fix.
It's not. I've spent the last several hours trying to get something working, and I'm afraid it's just not happening. At this point we may have to chalk it up to a design issue that can only be resolved with a new style.