XF 2.2 Playing static mp3 files

We very recently migrated from VB to Xenforo. Our community is happier than ever before, so we´re happy too. We do however have a few issues. One of them is that static mp3 files are sometimes played as live broadcasts in our members´ browsers. This seems to happen at least when using Firefox, Safari, Chrome. Some users experience this, other users simply see an mp3 player that allows them to play, pause, skip and download the file. Whenever the file is played as a live broadcast, it happens that the broadcast is stopped and skipped to the end during play.

The mp3 files are not inserted but attached to posts (legacy).

We would like to ave static mp3 files played in a simple HTML5 player. When testing the software, it worked perfectly fine for me )and it still does. Since we are a music related forum, there is an urgent need to have this solved. Any ideas?
Nice collection of add-ons. We procured it last Sunday. However, it doesn't explain how the same file in the same browser behave differently between two different users. And as long as that isn't solved I'm not sure if the issue of broadcasting the mp3 file instead of playing it in a player is solved.
I'm not sure what you mean by "live broadcast". Do you mean it auto plays? I really can't see why this would happen -- particularly for audio that hasn't been inserted, as there should just be a link to view the attachment.

Can you clarify the behavior that your users are reporting? (And how they trigger it, if relevant.)
I'm not sure what you mean by "live broadcast". Do you mean it auto plays?

Not autoplay. This is what they see:


And here's a post I found on stackoverflow that describes the issue, although the issue doesn't seem to be limited to Safari:


It is difficult for me clarify what is done exactly since I can't replicate the issue myself. But mp3 files are attached to posts. When clicking a new tab opens that plays the file but as said in a Live Broadcast format rather than in a normal HTML5 audio player. If the file is inserted however, there are no issues reported.
I poked around your site and didn't happen to see any non-embedded audio, though that may be because it's been edited out.

Generally speaking, our attachment serving code doesn't support range-based queries, which is one of the reasons we shifted videos to be directly served by the web server in 2.1. 2.2 added distinct handling for audio as well which does the same thing for similar reasons. I don't think the import process necessarily handles writing the attachments out to the alternative locations, though this is probably the first time I've heard of a potential issue.

Unfortunately, this isn't trivially resolved (especially after the fact). Effectively, reattaching the files is the only real workaround.
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