Implemented plain text editor preference


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There really needs to be a setting, non-plain-text editors have a tendency to break markups :(
Not if implemented correctly.

On one of our sites we do a lot of quoting from other sites and it's playing havoc in the current editor with fonts, italics, and font sizes.

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I sometimes want to paste text from another source, but the formatting is wrong on the second source.
I mostly just want the text, so I wrote a script in AutoHotKey that will paste just the text. It works great in Word, but doesnt work great here.
I just paste anything from the clipboard, stripped of markup by pressing Windows Key + V

Clip0 = %ClipBoardAll%
ClipBoard = %ClipBoard% ; Convert to text
Send ^v ; For best compatibility: SendPlay
Sleep 50 ; Don't change clipboard while it is pasted! (Sleep > 0)
ClipBoard = %Clip0% ; Restore original ClipBoard
VarSetCapacity(Clip0, 0) ; Free memory


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The trouble with any kind of a solution like that is, then you're going to have to explain it to people -- who are used to just being able to copy/paste, and who won't understand why they have to go through all this hoopla to do a simple thing that was never a problem before. Especially when so many other things are so much more advanced.

(Why are we using this - because it loads faster or something? There must be some huge advantage to it that I don't know about, since there are so many disadvantages.)


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I'm just wondering what the advantage is over (for example) something like the vBulletin editor, which I assume wasn't tinyMCE, based on the vast differences between the two.