PHPStorm and database ssh connection


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Hey everyone,

I'm trying to set up an ssh connection to my database on my live site, but I am having some trouble with it.

I have managed to get an ssh connection so that I can use the command line and sync folders/files, etc, so I know that my ssh keys are working fine.

I know I have my db name, db username, db password, ssh keys and passphrase correct, so I must be entering incorrect details in 1 or more of the other fields, eg: proxy host, proxy user and maybe a couple of the pre-entered fields. I believe the info I am entering for proxy host/user is correct, but maybe I am misunderstanding what it is that I am actually meant to be entering here?

Here are a couple of screenshots of what needs filling out...

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 11.20.07.jpg Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 11.20.23.jpg

...if anyone uses phpstorm and has this set up, could you help clarify what needs to go in these fields please?

I've been going round in circles for hours and I can't seem to find any solution on the phpstorm website or anywhere else.

Thank you for any help



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OK, got this working now.

My details were correct, but I had to manually type in my passphrase instead of pasting it in (y)