Kane Hart

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How messy did it become? I was thinking of doing that but I think you have to pay? Lets say I pay Vbulletin to use XenForo I don't think they like me for buying from the competition. Was it pretty clean? I remember trying it years ago and it got pretty messy.

Digital Doctor

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Damn I could shoot my self right now over this haha. I love these forums I would love to use them but there is no working converters for it so far. I thought I post my sadness over it. Id love to replace this site with xenForo:
I'd buy Xenforo today .... run it on your local PC via xampp ... Learn your options with Wordpress (ie. login integration, xenpress, etc. ) ... get all your admin questions answered ... get the style and stuff ready ... learn about options for things such as Wiki (XenCarta) and Videos (XenMedio) ... or even a portal home page (XenPorta).... there is lots to do to get familiar with xenforo. Probably by the time, you've tinkered and tested xenForo ... a good converter will be ready. could do it for you.

Digital Doctor

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Yeah I would not ever use WordPress
You mean not ever again, as your current homepage is wordpress -

I like the front page if this is what it really looks like:
That is a XenPorta as a HomePage. same as this:
Though I have not seen a wiki example nor Videos if someone could share that.
wiki -
videos -
MP3 audio playlists -

Kane Hart

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@Digital Doctor Trust me I don't want to EVER use WP again and yes I'm using it but look how active a community I have and I stopped really updating it. I hated it never enjoyed it. I always wish my users could comment now with phpbb there might be some wp hackddodo but I rather have something more built into and the XenPorta looks sweet.

Now the

How is that hosted the music part?


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How messy did it become?
It wasn't pretty, thanks to the way phpBB appends every BBCode with a random hex string on the opening and closing tags.

I had to do a lot of regex and SQL queries to tidy it all up, but after a few trial runs I managed to do a double import from phpBB to vBulletin to XenForo in 2 hours.

I shut my site at 2230 on Friday night last week and it was open again by 0130 - I kept it closed for another hour while I tidied up some other bits and pieces and edited some sticky threads with the correct URL's, etc.


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Well, they have a major public relations problem, because I was thinking this was a splintered version of phpBB being that it is open source, I always thought phpBB3 was an altered version of phpBB.

Don't know why, thanks for clearing it up.