XF 1.1 phpbb to Xenforo import error


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hello im am trying to import my phpbb fourm to xenforo using the built in importer but I get the following errors for attachments and avatars.

The attachments directory could not be found.
The avatars directory could not be found.

the path's i entered were


but they don't work

can you please help me



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The path is relative.

Try using ../phpBB3/images/avatars/upload

(I see you got the account/license sorted ;))


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done. one quick question how can i make a private section forum (my mistake viewable) to unregistered users?

Jake Bunce

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is it possible to skip importing the avatar and files? I'm having the same import errors
Only if the importer lets you skip those steps. Some steps must be run in order because they depend on each other.

Make sure you enter the correct path. I use a full server path myself.