Phpbb 3.0.x to XenForo migration


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I read that you do not recommend anymore to do phpbb3.0 > xenforo 1.5 > xenforo 2.x anymore but if I was to buy a license today, would I still be able to download xenforo 1.5 and take this path anyway ? (knowing that you do not offer any kind of support).

Chris D

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You can import from phpBB 3.x to XenForo 2.x using our "XenForo Importers" add-on.

We would recommend upgrading your phpBB 3.0 to phpBB 3.2 or higher though first.

Otherwise, yes, you can still download any previous version of XenForo.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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Just to set a clearer expectation, I think there have been successful imports from 3.0 but I can't guarantee that and if it doesn't work then our only advice would be to upgrade.

On the whole I still think upgrading to phpBB 3.2 will still be much quicker than installing 1.5, importing from phpBB 3.0, then upgrading to XF 2.0, so I'd still recommend that, and it might be worth just factoring that into your plans, just in case.


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Do a test conversion first. The XF importer is awesome but phpbb 3.0 is super old and so you should be really sure it works before you do it in a live site