PHP7 - Best Wordpress Cache?

I recently switched over to centOS 7 (NGINX, MariaDB, PHP7). Previously, on centOS 6 the combination of WP Super Cache and xCache was lightning fast.

I am now using a Redis Object Cache plugin and the default PHP7 Opcache is also enabled. This combination isn't providing the ultra fast speeds that xCache & WP Super Cache used to.

There is a wonderful Redis front end cache script here which gives me blazing fast speeds but seems to break some Wordpress functions. Perhaps it isn't fully compatible with PHP7.

Do any of you who use Wordpress with PHP7 have any suggestions on the best cache combo to use?
Looks like I've managed to fix the problems with a few NGINX rewrites. Everything zippy again now! :)

Not too keen on memcached myself. Could never quite configure it how I wanted.

Are there any disadvantages to using Redis as both a front end and back end cache?