PhotoPost Pro and XenForo integration


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Chuck S said:
it will not be any time real soon. The xenforo code is very raw at this time and its going to take time as they develop and change things for us to support things. I only have one half of the login integration working at this time. Lots of code to learn.
And, to be honest, I'm not sure if I want to combine Photopost with all it flaws with Xenforo.


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Also Walter, not much choice if you already use PP. We'll be moving to XF and we need a XF compatible version of PP to move with.

The main issue will be to get the look and feel the same as XF!


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I would definitely look into picking up a license for PP if the integration happens. Once PhotoPost is completed, I'd like to see ReviewPost brought over as well :)


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I would like to see gallery more like an addon written specially for xenforo using it's <xen> code. What I see now is just a style and user integration, not the best way to implement gallery.

steven s

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I have had absolutely no problem with the integration between PP and vB3 or vB4.
Their support isn't exactly warm and fuzzy, but their product works.
No one has to use it if they don't want.
No product will do everything for everyone. Not even XF.
Once an integration is made for PP then PP Classifieds shouldn't be far off.
All I will need is a CMS and event registration and I could move my vB4 site to the 21st century.


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Imagevuex is modern and xenforish. It doesn't seem to be usable for community sites though. It's more like for blogger type people.


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Awesome news. And I agree with Sola. PP is by no means the best gallery solution imaginable, but at least it works and integrates with forum software.

PS: the XF layout makes it look better :)
well the basic integration between PhotoPost and Xenforo is complete meaning the login is fully integrated and basic css style classes are used.

hm, thanks he has destroyed the good old vb gallery.........pp is crap.
I hate seeing comments like this that are totally void of any fact. Anyone is welcome to there opinion meaning you can love or hate photopost, vbulletin whatever. However at least have some facts on your site when making a public comment.

I can not destroy a product I have had nothing to do with at all ever. I do not provide support for vbGallery nor do I develop it. That is the simple fact there and anyone who has spent anytime on the photopost site knows this to be true. I develop 3 out of the 4 applications we release.
I use a highly customized version of Photopost Pro with vBulletin 3 right now.

I've evaluated many of the other gallery products before and after I made the decision to go with Photopost, and every time I find a new gallery I am reminded of why I initially chose PP.

Although there are many galleries out there that look better, none so far match the overall functionality and customization of PP. Similar to vBulletin, PP has grown to include many options. This also weighs it down.

Xenforo is at a great advantage being able to start fresh and go in the direction it wants without offending its customers (remember the backlash between vB 2 and 3 postbit?). I would love to see PP join the “web 2.0” scene with some cool image effects, and even a cropping tool, etc, like many other galleries have. But I’m not willing to sacrifice options such as forum integration, watermarking, categorization (not tagging), and other little options.

Ideally, PP with enhanced Xenforo templates would look great.


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not sure how it relates to photopost unless I am missing something. Photopost is a community Gallery script that integrates with 10s of different forum script while the one you are suggesting just adds a gallery to your website, so you can display your images...or am I missing something?

But when considering image galleries, I particularly like
It's modern.

Photopost Pro has extensive functionality but has stood still for years.


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I like PhotoPost! It's a good product and does what I need it to do, post photos and integrates with my forum.

Thanks for working on this Chuck. There are many of us here that appreciate it!


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Making it in a same color palette doesn't make it look just like xenforo. At least the paddings (margins) and borders need some tweaking.
Making it in a same color palette doesn't make it look just like xenforo. At least the paddings (margins) and borders need some tweaking.
Well like I said the xenforo code is very young. There are still tons of hard coded variables and this nice young product is sure to change in time. From a PhotoPost company perspective I am merely integrating the two the best I can at this moment as we are working with beta code. My access here is very limited I can not post or see alot of content.

I can tell you since I only have done what I have thus far in my free time which is not alot there are lots of questions left unanswered. For instance for us to take this integration any further than just user login and basic css color scheme compatible the xenforo product would have to be able to be included through some global file like vb use to be and wrapped around to load the header footer headtags of the forum. Then we could work on creating a new set of templates that would be just for xenforo but that of course would be in time if there is the market for that. However that will remain unanswered until I find out if there will be that ability with this product yet. vb was pretty easy if you remember you simply loaded there global file and do some url replacements call there header and footer headtags around the photopost products. You could easily make vb dummy pages.

If there is specific information here on how you can create a dummy page that loads the xenforo header footer headtag stuff please point that out as that would help me give you all a more robust integration. If thats the case then I would be able to create a specific xenforo templated version.