Fixed  Photo attachment bug


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I posted some photos using the XF add file feature using IE8 and it was placing the photos within the post erratically, sometimes before the text that was in the reply box, so I think the options of full image and thumbnails need some more work.

I got it to work but did not dare pressing the option buttons again since I screwed up using it the first few times.


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I agree, I think something is broken. I just uploaded a file to my site and when you clicked insert full size image, it used to be sized according to the size of the window. Now it gives me a scroll bar to move left to right instead of resizing the image.

I am going to test one here to see if it's my forums, or Beta 6 causing it.



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OK, so it's something on my site that is causing it not to resize. Uploading this image to this site and my site, this site resizes it, mine does not.

Nevermind.... :)

Off to find out what is wrong.....


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The original issue sounds like it's related to focus, though I'll have to do some testing. If you aren't focused on the text area when the button is pressed, it doesn't know where to put your cursor (that's down to the browser). But I'll still have to confirm.


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I'm having same problem in beta6, but it used to work okay before on earlier betas.
Images aren't dynamically resizing when added with the "full image" button.


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Sorry to detail the thread, I thought Anthony's and my problem might have been connected, your solution worked for me Mike. Thanks!



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There is a bug in the Beta 6 WYSIWYG editor that results in image resizing not working within the editor (which I have now fixed) though it sounds like you are seeing something else here?


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I have this resizing problem on my test site in the default style and my custom ones, I've disabled all add-ons but the pics still jump out of the page size.


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But don't you think it should be foolproof so fools like me can use it ?

I think it needs to be worked on further so this can not happen, a user should not have the option to hit that button twice to post duplicate thumbs.