XF 1.5 Personal conversations and leave with ignore future messages


I was one of several participants in a personal conversation. I decided to leave this conversation and to ignore future messages. I ask the other participants if my avatar is still appearing as a current participant and he asked me, yes. Why is that happening?

Wouldn't be more effective the other participants to be informed for my leave with a notification or just by removing my username from the current conversation participants?

When i asked them to invite me again, this was impossible. :)
Could you take that under consideration of changing it?
This is poorly designed IMO. We have two options, leave and accept further messages. This could be your 'silent leave' The other option, leave and ignore further messages. This really should remove you from the list. That you are on the list, people quite rightly assume you are getting and reading the messages when you are not even seeing them.
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