Not a bug Leaving conversation with "Ignore future messages" option


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If user 1 has deleted the conversation with option "Ignore future messages", User 2 is still able to post messages, and there is no indication for User 2 that User 1 has deleted the conversation and will never receive any future messages.

This maybe as designed but I don't think this is right, because this creates misunderstanding between users. So I'm suggesting the following:
  • User 2 should not be able to submit future messages if User 1 has deleted convo with "Ignore future messages" option
  • Or at least, User 2 should see an indication that User 1 has deleted the conversation and would not receive future messages, please start a new conversation.


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This is indeed as designed.

It is to allow participants to silently leave conversations.

If they wish to inform other participants that they are leaving the conversation, they can do so.


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Yeah but if the convo is just between a couple of users then it still may create misunderstanding. It happens many time on my forum that someone deleted a convo and the 2nd person had no indication of deletion, and have sent important messages and after sometime this misunderstanding led a fight between the two.

Because most ppl on my site are not aware of this, to avoid such problem, I have removed this option via template edit.

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So the above list isn't a list of people that are still conversing ?
Some may have silently left ?

It is to allow participants to silently leave conversations.
That sounds like something that works for admins on, but might not work elsewhere !


So Veer .... are you going to edit out both options (everything in the red box) ?