XF 1.5 Conversation "Ignore future messages"


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I used a test account to send myself a new conversation.

I received the message in my main account and marked the message "Ignore future messages".

Next I tried to send another message using the same conversation "thread" which still showed up in the Inbox of the test account.

I was allowed to send the new post to the conversation. No error message popped up to tell me that the message would not be read.

There was no notification of a new conversation post in the account I sent to.

The problem as I see it is that when you send from a conversation which the other member "ignored" there is nothing to tell the sender that the message didn't go through. I see that as being problematic. Or perhaps I am missing something?


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That's the point, really. If you choose to leave a conversation and ignore future messages, you may not want the sender or other participants to know you left.