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Permissions system, still confused


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Even by being a long time XenForo user I seem to still be confused about its permission system. What I'd really like to know is how the Administrators having the primary user group as Registered but secondary gives Administrative and Moderating permissions but the Registered overrules the rest. But this also changes how things work under templates basically if a user is set to a secondary usergrup administrative it won't take it as if it is an administrator but a registered user with administrative rights.

Anyone care to explain a bit more? Should I simply remove secondary user groups to admins/mods and set them primary to the one they are supposed to be in? That's how it used to work in most old forum systems, I just can't get my head around this one just yet, but I'd definitely would like to!


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Basically on one of my many permissions misunderstanding, it's that I have myself as primary user group registered, with secondary user groups being administrative and moderating. So what I went and did was go to the news and announcements node and set to registered members "revoke" permission so that they can post. But I also have to manually set administrative to be able to post to override that. Is that the way it actually works?


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Brogans posted some good guides on how to use the permissions if you search for them.

Basically give the registered group permissions you want everyone to have. Then allow your staff user groups to inherit most of their permissions (I.e. don't touch the basic things like post/view) and only change your staff user groups to have the special permissions you want them to have (e.g. Can delete posts, etc).