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Hi there, I have a couple of total newb questions if you don't mind. I'm trying to figure out how Permissions and Groups work in xenforo and having a little trouble getting my head around it.

1. Permissions: A friend and I are setting up a private forum where you must be a registered and approved member to view the forum content and post.

There would be two types of users:
Type A: Would be the standard user who can view and post pretty much anywhere.
Type B: I'd like to restrict these guys each to their own category/sub-forum. Sorry, I'm not sure of the proper term, it was category in Discourse.

So, Type A users could view all the Type B user threads in each Type B's category. The Type B however, is restricted to interacting only in his own forum category/sub-forum.

For example, say Type A users are "drivers" and B users are "car dealerships". Each "dealership" will have their own category in the Sub-forum "Dealerships". i.e. GMC, Honda, Toyota. The "drivers" will be able to see all of the different "dealership" threads, however, Honda dealers (Type B) can only see the Honda threads...

-- And --

2. Groups - am I able to create "custom groups"? It seems to me Type A users would be your standard "Registered" group. I'm not sure what to do with Type B users. It seems I could almost simple give them only permission to their specific Sub-forum?

Any help much appreciated!
No, don't do that.
It's wrong.

XF permissions are cumulative.

Oh! I've doing this wrong. Maybe a bit more clarification is in order...

View this screenshot...


This is what it looks like in my default Registered Users Group permissions.

Now, if I am reading your response correctly... those 2 'NO's that I see will be 'YES' in the Admin User Group, but all of the others will be set to 'NO' but essentially "overwritten" by the cumulative effect of pulling the permissions from the default Registered user group.

Is that how technically all of this user group stuff supposed to work?

So... essentially... because I have check marked both Registered AND Admin, the cumulative effect will enable me to use those 2 'NO's that are not part of the Registered User Group. I hope I am making sense, but I'm still trying to make sense of this Cumulative Effect thing.

What about the Moderation section (by expanding this section), in the Admin? Those are automatically set to 'NO' by virtue of being pulled from the Registered User Group. Does this mean that if I want the Admin to have Moderation permissions, I must set these to 'YES'?
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