Lack of interest Payment System (plus Wallet) for resource manager

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I want to extend my XFRM and add things below in order to reach some goals.

But I prefer to use each system's core first (or its moderators and developer's add-on), instead of using different add-ons from users (mostly about these kind of things that are related to private information of users)

Hope to see all (or some of them at least) in next Update:

We need:
  • Support other paygates (just like what bd paygate adds to forum)
  • Wallet for users
    • Users can see all their wallet charging in a page with details: time, amount, way of charging)
      • we will have 2 way of charging wallets:
        • 1:they charge via paygate
        • 2.they will be charged each time that users buy their resources.
  • Users be able to mark uploaded file as paid (and set price for them to sell) (just like what we can do now with bd paygate add-on)
    • I need new paygate (I'll give APIs)
    • Everyone who purchase, the seller's wallet amount will be increased.
    • Seller can see the list of purchases with details: Buyers, Date, And ... (In a tab, just like what we have in bd paygate while sending commercial resources)
    • Admin can set special percent (brokerage commission) that will decreased from product's price, before adding to seller's wallet in each purchase.
  • Users be able to upload multiple files (for both paid or free resources) and if a resource has more than 1 uploaded file, when a user click to download, a popup will be opened and let him download each attachment one by one.
  • Withdrawal system
    • Users can see the list of withdrawals in a page with details.

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Hi there,

Most of this is already possible with [bd] Paygates. It lets you buy resource etc.
For the wallet, I suggest you to go with [bd] Banking. It has tax system already which may be extended to support your model of resource for sale. [bd] Banking also has this feature: Get More Money which let user buy more virtual money using real money. It supports all pay gates from [bd] Paygates.

For withdrawal, I'm not sure how you want to do it? Certainly this is not safe and secure to do automatically so I guess it will be more like a ticket system? User will be able to submit request for withdrawal and your staff need to proceed manually?
User will be able to submit request for withdrawal and your staff need to proceed manually?
Wow. I'll check bd banking right now.
Yes. What I want from withdrawal system is:
  • When users purchase your resources, your wallet amount will be increased. (as much as they pay)
  • Then you will be able to open ticket and ask us for withdrawal.
  • We will do it and decrease your wallet amount.
Yes, please take some time and try [bd] Banking add-on.

I think your withdraw procedure can be implemented as a standalone add-on or you may use an existing support ticket add-on for that. Up to you :)
I checked it. Its good. But something like this will be great. If in next updates NixFifty add some great new things, definitely will be purchased.
If you're looking for something in particular, best to post it here.
Yes, I am waiting for more features as well before I can buy licenses. Many people are.
Been cooking up an update for a while now. Refactors a lot of code to make it much more streamlined to add more functionality (especially the stuff that was suggested after the initial version). I anticipate it will be ready within the next couple of days.
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