1. cloudpro

    Custom Wallet Addon

    We need a wallet function within Xenforo that syncs to a Woocommerce Wallet ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/wallet-system-for-woocommerce/#installation ) . What we are after is the function to create a payment provider in XF to use any payment function/wallet in Woocommerce. We are planning...
  2. Alpha1

    XenForo Wallet & Purchasable Features

    It would be very useful if XenForo would have a Wallet for members. Members would be able to fund their XenForo Wallet with through their PayPal account or credit card. The balance in their XenForo Wallet could then be used to buy purchasable items, transfer amounts to other members or buy an...
  3. Dadparvar

    Lack of interest Payment System (plus Wallet) for resource manager

    Hi, I want to extend my XFRM and add things below in order to reach some goals. But I prefer to use each system's core first (or its moderators and developer's add-on), instead of using different add-ons from users (mostly about these kind of things that are related to private information of...
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