Custom Wallet Addon


We need a wallet function within Xenforo that syncs to a Woocommerce Wallet ( ) . What we are after is the function to create a payment provider in XF to use any payment function/wallet in Woocommerce.
We are planning on using the addon that syncs users to Wordpress ( ).

We have a large budget for the right developer to implement this with all the functions we need.

Developers will need to demonstrate their abilty to build this with active developement examples and reviews.
Hey @cloudpro,

I hope you are doing great. According to my understanding, you guys have a WordPress website that already has a payment method. You need a wallet for Xenforo which will reflect your payments made on the website on the forum, right?

What data do you want to store? The transaction details only or the card numbers as well?

This is doable and won't take much time. Let's have a more detailed conversation; so we can break down everything that needed to be done.

For easy communication, you can reach me out on
Discord: maanay._.#6359
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