custom add-on

  1. AAColema

    XF 2.1 Capturing "Reject with Reason" for resources in approval queue

    I am building an add-on to enable the same "Reject with Reason" approval controls found when a user registrations shows up in the moderator approval queue, but do it for resources posted with the XenForo Resource Manager which by default only gives the option to "approve" or "delete". The...
  2. cloudpro

    Custom Wallet Addon

    We need a wallet function within Xenforo that syncs to a Woocommerce Wallet ( ) . What we are after is the function to create a payment provider in XF to use any payment function/wallet in Woocommerce. We are planning...
  3. Live Free

    XF 1.5 Suspected Template Modification or Permissions Issue for Custom Add-On (stuck)

    Hey guys, I’m seeking help regarding what I believe to be a template modifications issue, but may be something else. I have a custom add-on that applies per-user and per-node permissions for thread privacy, providing the option to 1) do nothing and leave the thread public, 2) restrict to...
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