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Paul's Place on XF2


Active member
"Paul's Place" started off as somewhere for me to try out XF2, with a license that wasn't being used for anything. "Paul's Place" quickly turned into a forum that will stay around for awhile after XF2 grew on me (I love the software). It's another GD forum (yeah, I know...) with the following XF2 add-ons:

  • XenForo Media Gallery
  • Shoutbox by Siropu (this will be changed to Chat by Siropu when it's released)
  • [TH] Reactions
  • [KL] User Improvements
  • [xFv] Members Online Avatar
  • TMDb Movie Thread Starter
  • TMDb TV Thread Starter

The forum will get a custom style once one is released (and I like it).

Check out https://paulsplace.net/ if you want to see a live demo of any add-ons listed above.


New member
Paul's Place, powered by the best forum software, is nicely unpretentious. A laid back, welcoming atmosphere that is sure to please those for whom life is an eternal happy hour! I'll have another frothy, Paul ;)

Brad Padgett

Well-known member
Great work on the nodes. I like the way it's structured and how you edited UI.X 2

Looks fantastic. I might want to try members online avatar add-on. Looks good.