Where are we on XF2.x release cycle?


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I've not yet updated to XF2.2 and I'm considering doing it soon but I wondered how far along we are towards XF2.3? Is there any public information yet about when we might expect something?

If the answer's that there's no info yet, that's probably a good indicator that it'll be a while yet.

Chris D

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As a base line, look at the 2.2 release process.

1st June - First "Have you seen...?" thread for 2.2.0
24th June - 2.2.0 installed here for the first time
23rd July - 2.2.0 Beta 1 released
29th Sept - 2.2.0 stable release

So if we were posting the first "Have you seen...?" thread for 2.3.0 tomorrow it could be four months or more until the stable release.

Alas, we're not posting the first HYS thread tomorrow. We'd therefore recommend you upgrade to 2.2.0 as soon as possible and don't bother waiting.

Use the time to make sure your PHP version is as up to date as possible. Minimum has increased again for XF 2.3 (PHP 7.2 will be the minimum) but we recommend PHP 8.0.


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Alas, we're not posting the first HYS thread tomorrow.

So which day exactly did you say again the next HYS was going to come out?

Just trying to ensure my calendar is up to date, you know, so I can plan accordingly.