XF 1.4 Password situation after vB > XF import

I continue to get complaints from returning members about their correct passwords being rejected as wrong after the import.

The facts:

The forum was imported from vB 4.2 to XF 1.4 in the last few weeks
PHP on the server was upgraded from 5.2.? to 5.4.32 just before installing XF and the import.
Server is running Litespeed

Members who haven't been to the forum since my vB -> ZF import try to login are rejected with wrong password. I don't know if ALL are rejected. One member told me that he was able to login through Tapatalk with the same password that was rejected by the forum.
My correct passwords on multiple test accounts were rejected until I reset them. (I know the passwords were correct because they were stored in LastPass password manager -- I could see them and triple checked them.)
Wrong password rejections were reported before any add-ons were installed.
A password reset seems to fix the problem for those who do it.

Cookies settings are
$config['cookie'] = array(
'prefix' => 'waxf_',
'path' => '/',
'domain' => '.mydomain.com'
The forums are at forums.mydomain.com
No errors in the XF Server error log.
I can't duplicate the problem, only take the complaints and ask questions.

While a password reset solves the problem for an individual member, I'm sure I'm losing members who don't want the hassle and just go away forever.

That is the problem. Is there anything I can to do fix it?



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I have heard of passwords failing when changing servers with a later version of PHP to one with 5.2, but not the other way.

Which importer did you use?


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Is it all users or some? If some, is there anything in common with them? (Previous import users? Haven't changed their password in a while? Have changed recently?)
Similar situation here, possibly. I imported from vbulletin 4.2.x to Xenforo 1.4 and updated php (5.2.x to 5.6.8), and I'm hearing early reports from my moderators that their passwords weren't working.

I had a test Registered user account from before the migration that I was able to log into without any trouble, so I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm trying to get it figured out before re-opening the site to everyone.


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The only known case where password transfers may be problematic is if non-ASCII characters are used. Unfortunately there isn't really a way around that.
Just an update for future vB refugees encountering this problem: As far as I can tell this turned out to be a non-issue. For whatever reason all moderators and admins needed to have their passwords reset after import, but we only received a handful of password reset requests from members, and those were likely due to users forgetting their passwords, not technical difficulties.

I spoke with @Ocean44, and he also found that the password issues did not appear to be widespread, despite initial concerns.