XF 2.2 password issues after vb5 import


So migration test went fairly well. Went from vb5 to latest xf on a trial server. Having a few members do some testing. However, everyone needs a password reset.

Did I miss something in the migration?



Tracy Perry

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Not sure... but the "latest" import from vBulletin may not be supported.
There may be issues if the latest XF import does NOT support the latest vB version.. which would NOT be unheard of since I am sure there is a variance between current vB versions and XF.
You did not specify which version of vB you imported from.... their "latest" is probably not currently fully supported since they make schema changes in the DB that have to be adjusted for.


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The importer currently supports blowfish and argon2id.

Can you check an affected account to see what is in use in the VB DB.


I found this

With PHP 7.2 and higher with the Argon library installed, vBulletin 5.6.2 will use the Argon2id password hashing scheme. Without the Argon library installed, it will use the Blowfish password hashing scheme with a cost of 15.