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Hey all,

Please anyone interested in XenForo / Styles or Addons or just XF in general !!! Please get in touch with me !!!!!!

I am looking to take on several people for this project !! I want us to have the #1 XF Styles / Addons / Support / +++ Loads More XF Areas of interest.

I am a ten year webmaster and have learn a lot over the years but my passion for strict / effective code is getting more and more important each day ( I Fell like i need to justify my requests each time, which makes me look like a clown lol ) but this is done as i am a very honest person and do put my cards on the table !!

Please if anyone has a interest in XF / Web-Design and or Development in General Please do PM me or add me on Skype: <-- My Skype Addy !!!

2014 for me is all about Business !! we can have fun along the way but Ive put way to much into this to walk away !!! and I really do believe that if i can put together a small but dedicated / like-minded team of individuals that we could have a very successful Business in a very short about of time.. Thus leading to bigger and better opportunities !!!

Anyways that's all from me !! (Finally i hear you say ) lmao it's all good, I just want people to realize i am very serious !! very dedicated !! and will make this happen !! and your invited to come for the ride if your willing to put in some hard work !!!

PLEASE PM OR ADD ME ON SKYPE: | or even Email me:

Regards, Darren

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Do you know that your site is asking for User name and Password?
Yes mate.. Sorry it's only on my localhost atm.. And i am currently just doing a fresh install on my PC and.. I'll be completing the XF Style for EP tonight and have it uploaded / live for it to be configured for tomorrow.. I't will remain PW protected until in a completed configuration.. but i will send you the user/pass and also a account to login..

Regards, Darren
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