Other Need a XF PRO Install, Permissions, Security etc etc


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Hey all,

I am currently just working on my localhost for the time being, but am looking to launch my site in about one month or maybe sooner.. Now as this is my first live XF project i am going to ask for some assistance with this as much as it shames me to ask for help considering i will be offering XF Styles lol.

I will give the appointed person / company a complete list of addon's / custom scripts etc etc that i have used on my project.. As this is my first live XF project i am trying to be as professional as possible, I am referring to my upcoming project "Expert Pixels" (Yes i am finally getting this off the ground).. now as i will be offering both free and premium XF Styles i need to be 110% sure that my installation is very secure and all permissions are set correctly, if this were just some gaming project / gaming forum i wouldn't go to this extent but since i will be dealing with customers i would like to not only be able to provide them with the extra confidence my site is secure but i also need to know this myself before i even consider launching / opening my site to the public.

I will do the installation / setup my forums / install and configure my addon's / create all my custom pages and routes etc etc, now as ive not really had a chance to look into the permission settings thoroughly yet this is where my concerns lay.. I will of course get a few friends and a few trustworthy fellow XF site owners to take a look around also to make sure i have no minor issues.. But the minor ones are not what worry me, it's the unknown / things and area's i may not know much about or about at all that worry me.. I would hate to launch a project and find out ive made some amateur mistake.

Anyone who can offer some free assistance i will provide a free "Premium" Style to (Once they are ready I only have ideas at the time of writing this).. But am also open to hiring someone who has a higher level of XenForo Knowledge.

Again this is possible still up to one month away, but if you feel you may be able to help or even point me to some tutorials or helpful info that would be great, but also do PM me if you are interested in helping once my project is close to going live.. I will hire / pay one person to do a final / complete check and make any suggestions that may assist me in making my site safer / less prone to any form of attacks / hacking / spam etc etc.

Regards, Darren