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Expertpixels.com | Pre-made & Custom XF Styles

Discussion in 'Third-Party Services & Offers' started by ExpertPixels.com, Jul 2, 2013.


What Niches / Color Sets Are you most wanting to see become available ?

  1. Gaming Styles

  2. Business Styles

  3. Quirky Styles

  4. Laddies / Womens Styles (Purple / Pink Styles, styles suited for more of a female related forums)

    0 vote(s)
  5. Light / Clean | Very Polished | Very Detailed but Minimalistic Styles

  6. Dark but Professional Styles | Greys / Blacks / Dark Blues etc etc

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. ExpertPixels.com

    ExpertPixels.com Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    My name is Darren I am the Owner / Founder / Lead Designer of Expert Pixels / Expertpixels.com my project will go live shortly after XenForo 1.2 is released as a stable / final version.

    Expert Pixels / Expertpixels.com will be offering the following products and services:

    - Pre made XF Styles (Continuously updated for all major XF Update Releases)
    - Custom Design Service (Awesome / Unique Custom Designs)
    - 3rd Party Addon Design Service (Custom Designs for 3rd party addon's that may require extra Styling / Blending / Integration to suit your current design)
    - Script installation Service (xenforo & 3rd party script installation and configuration)
    - Open Marketplace (This will allow other designers and addon developers to use our website to promote and sell their products)
    - A SEO Service & General Advice Service (This service will help to ensure your website is as SEO friendly as possible and stands the best possible chance of becoming successful)
    - Plus many other services and features are in the pipeline (These will be added / announced as they are rolled out)

    While I will be mainly focusing on xenForo Styles I will be designing for several other cms & forum platforms as well, this will become evident down the track but at the moment my main priority is xenforo. I am simply posting this information / solicitation now as XF 1.2 shouldn't be all that far off a stable / final release and I would like to put my name / business out there as a solid option if anyone is interested in custom XF Styles for their project.

    Once Expert Pixels finally goes live, I will be offering a small discount for the first few customers who purchase / appoint me as their designer for a custom XF Style for their XF based project as i am in need of several custom XF designs i have created for my Design Portfolio. Please note: Anyone potentially interested in this please shoot me a PM and we can discuss your project / options, please keep in mind your site / project will be added to my website this will contain a screenshot and a live link to your project (This is assuming that your website is clean / is not in the Adult niche / Warez niche or any other non family friendly type site.

    A little background info about myself: I am a 10+ year Webmaster / Designer who i resuming from a rather long break, some health issues and other general life issues have prevented me from being where I would like to be in life by now however I can not change the past but i can alter the future so I am once again committing 110% to this webmaster game. "Expert Pixels" will be my primary project.

    I am more than happy to provide examples & details of previous work i have done in the past, this will be provided upon request for any interested parties.

    Please Note: I would also like to express my Thanks for @Mike & @Kier for allowing people like myself to post our services on the xenforo community forums, I rate this allowance very highly and is a great reflection of the type of people they are.

    Regards, Darren

    EDIT: I am also open to taking on extra staff members / designers, if you are interested in joining a up and coming design business that will be known for it's quality product and services then please get in touch with me and tell me a little about yourself, I will try to reply to all interested parties.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2013
  2. xIsabel38

    xIsabel38 Well-Known Member

    Hello Darren,

    I'm currently in the market for a designer for a XenForo custom theme. I have a full page layout of everything I need and want with images and examples to show specifically my design preferences and intentions.

    If possible, could I see some of your previous work?

    Any themes that relate to Gaming or have extreme use of Graphics are highly recommended.
  3. MichaelDance

    MichaelDance Well-Known Member

    Did you get a reply Isabel? As I'm in need of a nice skin too :).
  4. xIsabel38

    xIsabel38 Well-Known Member

    I left the message here as well as sent him a PM. No response to either of them. I moved on and found help from another source. Good luck to you.
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  5. ExpertPixels.com

    ExpertPixels.com Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    What Type of XF Styles are in Demand ? Usually i do target the types of styles / designs that get left out as the interest is smaller than offers but at the same time i know i am helping others out.

    As i am about to launch my Project: Expert Pixels | Expertpixels.com I will be focusing on pre-made styles first as i do need to put food on my table, but am also going to be doing custom designs based on the clients requirements.

    When it comes to generic / pre-made styles what color sets / niches are you mostly looking to have available ?

    POLL HAS BEEN ADDED: (Please do use this so i can help gauge what colors / niches i should begin to focus on). If ive not added a option in the poll that suits you please do PM me !!

    Regards, Darren
  6. Allan

    Allan Well-Known Member

    Light / Clean | Very Polished | Very Detailed but Minimalistic Styles

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  7. ExpertPixels.com

    ExpertPixels.com Well-Known Member

    You mean something like this:

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  8. Allan

    Allan Well-Known Member

    Very nice !

    Clean and professional as i like :)
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  9. ExpertPixels.com

    ExpertPixels.com Well-Known Member

    Thank you my Friend :) The above design is a work in progress but does in fact have a load of extra scripts and css transitions to really make the design stand out from most other xf styles.. Since the style is a little boring some may say the transition effects provide a solid overall feel to the design.

    Sadly this design in question is actually going to be the Official Style of Expertpixels.com and may not be released to the public, Public releases from my camp will be a few weeks away. Thank you very much for your feedback as it is very important to me and really will help ensure that visitors / customers will be able to navigate around my site without any issues.

    Future Styles: All input from visitors / members can be left in this thread: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/pre-made-and-custom-xf-styles.66186/ and also the more people who use the poll included in the opening post the better idea i will have, thus resulting in the XF community getting what they want.

    Regards, Darren
  10. Allan

    Allan Well-Known Member

    It will not be for sale for several weeks?

    very sad ...
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  11. ExpertPixels.com

    ExpertPixels.com Well-Known Member

    No the Above Style is Exclusively for my site "Expert Pixels" Id love to release it for free but it has a lot of minor / polished elements that some of them i want to include in my premium designs.

    I do promise tho many many XF Styles will be released under the Expert Pixels branding, And as ive already had PM's asking for more professional type designs the screenshot above can be used as a rough guide to further styles.

    Thanks for the kind words and support :)

  12. Sheratan

    Sheratan Well-Known Member

    A bit too bright for me but that's a really nice style.
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  13. Allan

    Allan Well-Known Member

    If you would put on sale, I probably would have bought ;)
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  14. ExpertPixels.com

    ExpertPixels.com Well-Known Member

    The Navtabs / Tabs were just a mockup.. I PS that section from another XF Style i had laying around lol..

    Well I tell you want, i will give you a review of my site once it's live and show you the other colorsets.. If you can live without te extra scripts / css transitions i am running then I will happily take you on as my first customer :) and even provide you with a coupon code.

    Regards, Darren
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  15. Whatley187

    Whatley187 Active Member

    A light/clean gaming theme.
  16. ExpertPixels.com

    ExpertPixels.com Well-Known Member

    The #1 Provider of FREE & PREMIUM XenForo Styles.
    http://expertpixels.com is soon to be the #1 supplier of not only Free XenForo Styles but also the #1 supplier of Premium XenForo Styles.

    Other Services we will be offering:

    - Custom Website Design & Development
    - Website hosting (Premium Cloud Hosting)
    - Professional Script Installation
    - We can offer you SEO Packages
    - General Project Feedback, Advice and Recommendations
    - Website Monitoring
    At the time of writing this my project has just been set live so that i can do some testing, I need to complete the design and other features on my localhost but this should be completed within the week.. For now tho please respect the fact the website is accepting registrations but users will not be granted any privileges for the time being.

    Do keep your eye on our site in the coming days and weeks as we are looking to release our first XenForo Styles ASAP. If you need to get in touch with me sooner either PM me on Expertpixels.com or add me on Skype: Expertpixels.com
    Regards, Darren
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  17. Sheldon

    Sheldon Well-Known Member

  18. ExpertPixels.com

    ExpertPixels.com Well-Known Member

    HAHHAHAHHA I DID REMOVE THE PW PROTECTION... but uploaded the wrong .htacess !!

    Thanks tho, Greatly appreciated !!
  19. RobParker

    RobParker Well-Known Member

    The home page on an ipad doesn't have any content. Just the header/footer and breadcrumbs.

    Not sure if you deliberately have it set to show nothing to guests but I'd suggest that's a bad idea.
  20. RobParker

    RobParker Well-Known Member

    You also have the debug info showing to everyone. It's generally recommended not to run in debug mode on a live site.

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