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Style [PAID] xenForo install/Styling/Plugin Install


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I currently have a website, pjnorrath.com. I am in the process of opening up another website and I'd like to have it look and function almost exactly like pjnorrath.com. I would like to hire somebody to help with the following:

1) Installation of XenForo. I currently have some place holder WordPress site that can be wiped out.

2) Installation/configuration of the same plugins that pjnorrath.com has (i.e XenPorta, the IRC plugin, the media plugin (i have the pro version, files can be sent), the Facebook/Twitter/Google/Steam login etc)

3) Styled to look like Project Norrath with a few small changes:
  • We will use a blank wallpaper and we will not use the dragon.
  • We will use a different style of navigation bar, I can provide more information on this if interested. It is nothing crazy, just would like to go with something slightly different for this site.
  • Slight color changes. pjnorrath.com Uses primarily two different reds as the accent colors, i'd like to keep this but swap the reds for two blues. I can provide some ideas on what types of blues to use.

4) All sidebar widgets to be set up and configured to match Project Norrath. (including the set up of the Twitter widget)

If you are interested please PM me or email me at pjpantheon@gmail.com with any questions along with pricing and turnaround times. I can also provide the original PSD file from my current site, pjnorrath.com if that helps or I can provide access to the pjnorrath.com site itself.


- Matt
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