Style [Paid] [Upgrade] Need someone who can upgrade an existing style.


Price-Negotiable, However would prefer to keep it low or free as I don't really have a budget on this one :)

I already own a paid style, however the person who created the style no longer works for the company who still owns and sells it. I have permission from the owner who stated I can upgrade it if I can find someone who is able to do so for me. (Proof of our chat can be provided if requested.)

The style was originally created for XenForo 1.1.2 so it is a bit outdated but when installed still shows decently well, but since the templates are very outdated it just needs to get an update.

If this sounds like something you can do and/or would be interested in, send me a personal message with any questions you may have and your cost if any.

Thank you.


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There are quite a few differences between XF 1.1.2 and the current XF 1.5.10a versions. I seriously doubt anyone will do the job for free, so you'll likely need a bit of a budget. Feel free to PM me more info and I'm happy to take a look at your theme to see what the ugprade will entail.