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Add-on [PAID] Show reply/new thread in XFSHOUT Shoutbox


I recently got Xenforo and the XFShout by DBTech shoutbox installed and I was wondering if someone could create something simular to

for me.

It is on DevBest.com and I would like it for my forum. They made it themselves and it would be nice to see. I obviously will pay for the Add-on.

When a user creates a thread it displays [user] created the thread [thread title]
When a user replies displays [user] replied to [thread title]

Also the [thread title]'s need to be clickable to the thread.

I was also wondering if it would be possible for this to be able to be disabled for certain sections eg I want to disable it for the 'Spam' section.

Please let me know if you can help and suggest how much you would want to make this.

I didn't know about the digital point spy. I am new to Xenforo. Thing is I want to incorporate it into the shoutbox with XFShout and since I am very new to Xenforo I get lost. I do not have a very big active community hence why it won't spam the shoutbox and everything. I may look at digital point spy+ Shoutbox. But yeah if anyone with experience could create it for me would be great.
Sorry to bump an old thread as I am trying to do what digital doctor suggested. I found that \DataWriter\DiscussionMessage\Post.php in Digital Spy will probably work for my needs. However I am still new to xenforo and I am a bit unfamiliar with the formatting for sql inserts. Is there anyone who can pick out what I'm doing wrong with the insert. I would appreciate it
I get this error when someone tries to make a new post/reply
Undefined index: userid
'XenForo_Application::handlePhpError()inDigitalPointSpy/DataWriter/DiscussionMessage/Post.phpat line41'
Line 41 being the one starting with 'message'
$this->_db->insert('dark_taigachat', array(
'user_id' => XenForo_Visitor::getUserId(),
'username' => $this->_newData['xf_post']['username'],
'date' => XenForo_Application::$time,
'message' => '[url=http://seriouspants.net/members/' . $this->_newData['xf_post']['userid'] . ' ] ' .  $this->_newData['xf_post']['username'] . ' [/url] posted [url=http://seriouspants.net/posts/ ' . $this->_newData['xf_post']['post_id'] . '][/url]'
as an update I did get it succesfully running to some extent. However I am not able to call $this->_newData['xf_thread']['title'] to get the thread title for these new posts

//shoutbox post/thread
if (isset($this->_newData['xf_post']['post_id']) && isset($this->_newData['xf_post']['thread_id']))
$this->_db->insert('dark_taigachat', array(
'user_id' => XenForo_Visitor::getUserId(), 
'username' => 'PostBot',
'date' => XenForo_Application::$time,
'message' => '[url=http://seriouspants.net/members/' . $this->_newData['xf_post']['user_id'] . ' ] ' .  $this->_newData['xf_post']['username'] . ' [/url] posted [url=http://seriouspants.net/posts/' . $this->_newData['xf_post']['post_id'] . ']' . $this->_newData['xf_post']['post_id'] . '[/url]'