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Add-on [PAID] Show reply/new thread in XFSHOUT Shoutbox

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Requests' started by MichaelMadman, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. MichaelMadman

    MichaelMadman Member


    I recently got Xenforo and the XFShout by DBTech shoutbox installed and I was wondering if someone could create something simular to
    for me.

    It is on DevBest.com and I would like it for my forum. They made it themselves and it would be nice to see. I obviously will pay for the Add-on.

    When a user creates a thread it displays [user] created the thread [thread title]
    When a user replies displays [user] replied to [thread title]

    Also the [thread title]'s need to be clickable to the thread.

    I was also wondering if it would be possible for this to be able to be disabled for certain sections eg I want to disable it for the 'Spam' section.

    Please let me know if you can help and suggest how much you would want to make this.

  2. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

  3. MichaelMadman

    MichaelMadman Member

    I didn't know about the digital point spy. I am new to Xenforo. Thing is I want to incorporate it into the shoutbox with XFShout and since I am very new to Xenforo I get lost. I do not have a very big active community hence why it won't spam the shoutbox and everything. I may look at digital point spy+ Shoutbox. But yeah if anyone with experience could create it for me would be great.
  4. Inflikted

    Inflikted New Member

    Sorry to bump an old thread as I am trying to do what digital doctor suggested. I found that \DataWriter\DiscussionMessage\Post.php in Digital Spy will probably work for my needs. However I am still new to xenforo and I am a bit unfamiliar with the formatting for sql inserts. Is there anyone who can pick out what I'm doing wrong with the insert. I would appreciate it
    I get this error when someone tries to make a new post/reply
    Undefined index: userid
    'XenForo_Application::handlePhpError()inDigitalPointSpy/DataWriter/DiscussionMessage/Post.phpat line41'
    Line 41 being the one starting with 'message'
    $this->_db->insert('dark_taigachat', array(
    'user_id' => XenForo_Visitor::getUserId(),
    'username' => $this->_newData['xf_post']['username'],
    'date' => XenForo_Application::$time,
    'message' => '[url=http://seriouspants.net/members/' . $this->_newData['xf_post']['userid'] . ' ] ' .  $this->_newData['xf_post']['username'] . ' [/url] posted [url=http://seriouspants.net/posts/ ' . $this->_newData['xf_post']['post_id'] . '][/url]'
  5. Inflikted

    Inflikted New Member

    as an update I did get it succesfully running to some extent. However I am not able to call $this->_newData['xf_thread']['title'] to get the thread title for these new posts

    //shoutbox post/thread
    if (isset($this->_newData['xf_post']['post_id']) && isset($this->_newData['xf_post']['thread_id']))
    $this->_db->insert('dark_taigachat', array(
    'user_id' => XenForo_Visitor::getUserId(), 
    'username' => 'PostBot',
    'date' => XenForo_Application::$time,
    'message' => '[url=http://seriouspants.net/members/' . $this->_newData['xf_post']['user_id'] . ' ] ' .  $this->_newData['xf_post']['username'] . ' [/url] posted [url=http://seriouspants.net/posts/' . $this->_newData['xf_post']['post_id'] . ']' . $this->_newData['xf_post']['post_id'] . '[/url]'

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