Post new thread in pop-up window and what's on your mind?


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First, I applaud the developers' focus on getting the core right. I feel like Xenforo is a piece of software run as software should be run--by developers who know what's important to lay the groundwork for the future and who implement that vision.

It's interesting, too, to watch. Sustaining the business these days must really be a matter of making the software as accessible to outside developers as possible. I'm not sure how the economics of that work. But I wish I did.

In any case:

1. Any chance of having the option of getting a pop-up (rather than a full window) when a user clicks Post Thread?

2. Forum Search: my cursor wants to go in the "Do you have a suggestion" box. Any chance of having a search bar like that as well?

3. In a forum, get rid of the Filters bar. It's a huge space hog that harbors one word: Filters. Get the "Do you have a suggestion" (or post prompt) up higher, right under the page numbers. Or ideally, you want to give the admins the option to put that thread prompt in a number of places--as high in a forum as they want--above all the breadcrumb garbage, for example. That thread prompt is, from a user standpoint, perhaps the most striking thing about Xenforo 2.0. Make it customizable as much as possible.