Add-on Paid: SEO addon for private forum?


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My forum currently has several "exchange" areas which are only available to members who have x amount of posts, and have been a member for x amount of days.

Currently none of this content is indexed, which is unfortunate since it is very keyword rich.

Currently you can set a private forum to show the threads, but not allow members to see content, however this would allow members to bypass the exchange area and just directly message the member.

Here is what I would like the add-on to do:
*Show thread titles to members
*Show the first post of threads when clicked on
*Hide all usernames of members on all pages for the related sections(instead of the username, simply display "unavailable" or something similar).
*Be able to select which forums this applies to in Admin CP
*Be able to select which user groups this applies to in Admin CP(unregistered users)
*Blur out/hide any additional posts and display a text box with customizable html text
*Should be a full add-on package that is able to be installed and uninstalled

I am willing to pay for this add-on. Please send me a PM with how much you are looking for to create this.

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Also just to clarify,the add-on should show the thread title and first post, with hidden usernames to the members of the usergroups who have been selected in AdminCP.

Unselected usergroups should retain their standard permissions for the sections(i.e be able to access them as normal).

Also, when the additional posts are hidden, it should indicate how many additional posts their are to the user trying to view the page(preferably near or around the html box).