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[Paid Mod] xenShop


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Here is the moment so many have been waiting on. xShop v1.0 finally released.

Description: xShop in its current state is an image shop similar to that of iShop for vBulletin. This is a v1.0 release therefore more features to come and most should be based on what users want. The features listed below are what is currently in v1.0.

Features v1.0
  • Items: Add/Edit/Delete
  • Categories: Add/Edit/Delete
  • xCredits: Also known as xShop Currency built right in
  • Points/Money awarded upon posting replies, threads, polls, attachments
  • Full settings to control xShop's many features
  • Ability to set amount of points awarded for actions
  • Access to inventory from Shop page or profile page
  • Images displayed in postbit for showing off of collection
Features to Come v1.1

  • Points awarded for adding an avatar
  • Donating items
  • Selling items
  • Donating points
  • Display of point total in postbit and profile page
  • Displaying of shop name from setting to navigation tab and other places
DEMO LINK: http://xenpoints.com/shop/
Bugs: There are no known bugs at the moment. However they can rear their ugly heads at any time so please use the proper forum for reporting bugs.

For purchasing please visit: http://xenpoints.com
xShop Cost: $35
xShop Renewal: $20

Register then purchase the user upgrade for xShop Premium and you will be granted access to the forum and the download.

One-Time Donation Event (Length 3 weeks) - http://www.xenpoints.com/threads/one-time-donation-event.11/


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Now this is a mod I'd pay to have. Sadly, I have xF licenses but not planning to start any new forums soon...

Although, I do have a question, :) . Can you link me to a page, with more information for "renewals of $15"? ( want to know if it's for future mod upgrades [ time-line ] , etc... )
I removed my last sentence - Marc


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Mainly renewals for my mods is controlled on my website. Its a means to continue getting updates and support without having to purchase xShop for another $30.


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Steve, good add-on.
Please don't mind but I don't understand/like your forum theme. May I see some screen shots using the default XenForo theme? So I'd have better idea of its UI.
Thank you and good luck for this add-on.


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Great to see this one put together! (y)

This is two add-ons in one as "points" and "shop" are in this one! :D


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Screenshots added to my first post, also I have it set so peeps can now use another style if they so choose.


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A few template bugs have been found and I am squashing them currently. Right now there are 2 remaining before they are cleared out of 1.0. These bugs would not have been any other way than having it on a live environment and I'm glad the users to my site came together to report the issues.

Digital Doctor

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I think the nicely done purchase popup should have the price in it.
Certainly if people were using real money they would want to review the actual cost.


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Digital Doctor

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I suspect items will eventually have their "own page".
Forinstance there is no
That gives some details about

Digital Doctor

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(1) Item count not counting.
(2) Entire inventory of items purchased not displaying.


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I believe Steve is working on fixing some issues but since it is something like 9 AM on a Sunday where he lives it probably won't happen for a few hours.


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I believe Steve is working on fixing some issues but since it is something like 9 AM on a Sunday where he lives it probably won't happen for a few hours.
Thanks Syndol

So this is going to be a ecommerce mod ?
Yes, eventually.

(1) Item count not counting.
(2) Entire inventory of items purchased not displaying.
Just a few issues to fix, it was late when I made it to bed and I finally had to give things a rest.


Not at this time, sorry, right now it is basically a matter of getting things worked out in 1.0 then moving to getting 1.1 out. I expect that once 1.1 is out I can start on 2.0 which would include the commerce portion.

Ok ill keep a watch on this thread :)


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For those testing things out, please report any errors, bugs, etc on my site so that I can keep things organized and don't have to switch between 2 places to gather errors to fix.