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Budget around $700 over time. Price is negotiable.

I need a very involved, very detailed Add-on created by a very experienced and dedicated Developer that can run Championship Events. Someone good with Graphic Design and Coding would be ideal.

It must:
  • Allow user sign-ups based on permission group
  • Allow users to withdraw from event
  • Allow single and double elimination matches
  • Allow users to join each other and create a team
  • Allow users to name that Team
  • Allow users to upload a User logo for single 1v1 matches and Team logos for groupvgroup matches
  • Allow users to leave a Team
  • Allow a Minimum and Maximum of users allowed per team
  • Allow users to create and manage events based on permissions (Admins/Mods)
  • Allow users to upload or link to a prize or prizes
  • Allow users the ability to change the name of each round such as Playoffs, Semi-Finals, Finals, etc..
  • Allow users to add/remove users to a Tournament based on permissions (Admins/Mods)
  • Generate random Brackets by clicking a button permission based (Admins/Mods)
  • Have generated brackets be able to be re-generated as long as the event has not begun (Admins/Mods)
  • Display User or Team logos based on event settings
  • Allow customization to the brackets and backgrounds so we can create several different themes
  • Allow the ability to upload logos to the bracket such as site logos or sponsor logos
  • Allow links to an external video for each match
  • Allow anywhere from 4-128 players or teams
  • Send reminder notifications via Alert and user opt-in email when an event draws near
Additional features that would be nice:
  • Have the system track user records such as wins/loses, how many events they have won, what placement they came in. Etc... or to have it integrate with @Jaxel XenTorneo
  • Allow the ability to embed the tournament on another location or website
  • Ability for users to predict match and event outcome
Example of brackets with user or team imagery:

Concept Images:


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Challonge would likely be a last case scenario. While I admit I didn't do extensive testing, from my brief testing of it there are some reason I'd prefer full control:
  1. I wasn't able to add in a logo to a sponsor or alter the background graphics.This can be important as I once had sponsorship by Razer and they like to see their company logo plastered all over the place.
  2. Since I don't have a bunch of users with Challonge accounts I also wasn't able to determine whether or not I can completely stop certain people from joining the event.Another important one. Previous events have taught me that there are some people that just can't or don't care to follow rules.
  3. Users would have to create a Challonge account to sign-up to an event.At least that's what I read and no one wants to make users have to register to multiple platforms.
  4. Challonge does not offer limited permission accounts to run tournaments on the same user.In order to run events for different regions of the world or to run events while I am gone, I'm going to need to train staff. While I trust I have good enough judgement to determine who should and who shouldn't be given these rights, I'm weary about giving full access to 3rd party accounts. Should some fall out happen between staff 1 and staff 2 even if I'm not around, I don't need someone to delete an account or change a password in some 10-year old rage fit.
Those are some key reasons. I used to run events using software called, Tourney Master but as this is downloaded software, it reflects back to point #4.