Add-on Friendly user Tournament/Event system{Paid}


Hi guys

Basically its going to take a while to make it.

- Its a friendly to use addon for forum users who wants to create events/tournaments. With an Event tab between the forum/ members tab(optional to change the location) people get the event tab in front of them seeing this template beneath

example how to fill it in as a user:
Tournament / Event

Template: Game ( torchlight II/ WoW example)

Game type: Default

Class : Default ( or pick a class named)



Add members( Click on it shows you a list of forum members and the ability to search them by typing they're names)

Sign up enable/disable

Submit Event
- Template, gametype and class is just basically a prefix that the admin can make and is saved so the users can just pick the prefix.
For example wow prefix -> gametype pvp event / raid event / -> class

- This addon should have an event calendar as a side bar that can be turned on/off.
There need to be an option to filter the Template type and as well as game type ( Filter you can see the specific prefixes that in the calender)

- Depending on the signup enable or disable people can sign up if interested for the event/tournament

- When the event is created there will be an auto-post made in the assigned forum that you can set in the Prefix template or Game type.
In the post you're able to see the members that are added or seeing them appear when they sign up including the members icon.
As well you see the event creator in the middle top of the auto-post with name.

- As for the tournaments this option allow you to add points beneath the members icon to keep track who is nr 1 in the tournament and not. People who signed on the event will be ranked #1 = middle , Silver beneath right , bronze beneath left and the rest follows from Left to right in the ranking order of the points. The positions will auto-adjust after you filled in the points.

- In the future i would like that the tournament will be some sort of automated bracket etc etc.

This is a basic sketch of the idea.

We can discuss about the funds if your interested, got no objections if you would like to sell this addon in the resource section:).
I think these kind of addon's will really aid the xF based gaming community a lot.