Add-on [Paid] Gaming Tournaments


New member
I have similar demand like the following. I wonder if there is any given tournament addon can be customized. Please send a private message and reference site for reference.

Budget around $700. Price is negotiable.

  • Allow user sign-ups based on permission group
  • Allow users to withdraw from event
  • Allow single and double elimination matches
  • Allow users to join each other and create a team
  • Allow users to name that Team
  • Allow users to upload a User logo for single 1v1 matches and Team logos for groupvgroup matches
  • Allow users to leave a Team
  • Allow a Minimum and Maximum of users allowed per team
  • Allow users to create and manage events based on permissions (Admins/Mods)
  • Allow users to upload or link to a prize or prizes
  • Allow users the ability to change the name of each round such as Playoffs, Semi-Finals, Finals, etc..
  • Allow users to add/remove users to a Tournament based on permissions (Admins/Mods)
  • Generate random Brackets by clicking a button permission based (Admins/Mods)
  • Have generated brackets be able to be re-generated as long as the event has not begun (Admins/Mods)
  • Display User or Team logos based on event settings
  • Allow customization to the brackets and backgrounds so we can create several different themes
  • Allow the ability to upload logos to the bracket such as site logos or sponsor logos
  • Allow links to an external video for each match
  • Allow anywhere from 4-128 players or teams
  • Send reminder notifications via Alert and user opt-in email when an event draws near