Add-on [Paid] Battefield: 3 (BF3) Gaming Stats:


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Take look here: Type Status Summary ;)

The dev is saying:

So i guess someone has to do just that to get a plugin, i already use the plugin for e107, so i dont need it. :)
Yea, Thanks...I'll check him out! I stopped using e107 to get on the XenForo bandwagon because there are features of our Mobile App, with which e107 has no compatibility with, such as TapaTalk & Forum Runner mobile-view app's and etc. There's a mobile version for e107 but it was very poorly created and the dev for that plugin had made me a custom version but was still not compatible for access with those two mobile-view app's I listed above.


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Then you, or someone else has got to provide the dev with a test environment. :)
Yes, someone has just contacted me ;-) I'm excited and if I get this done as an add-on for XenForo I'm sure this will make alot of people happy! I'm putting it as an iframe embedment right now


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We've finally got this FIXED! Working Demo is here:

D/L the Latest version (version 0.62 which includes Plugin for XenForo 'and' vBulletin!) Just released 'today' after 4 weeks in a 'testing environment' on my server.

Moderater ~ PS: Since this is no longer a request, can it be moved to the Featured area now? Thanks ;-)