Style Gaming Community Forum Theme/Graphics [PAID] No Budget


New member
Hi all! I am looking to improve the theme on my current forums:

I run a fairly popular gaming community on and I want to "spruce" up my page. Money is not an issue as long as it is done right and not like these other sites trying to justify charginf $3000 for a theme.

Basic concept in my community is HAMMER's UP! I want the rotating theme up top to be more for future like PS4/XBOXONE (cringe) game's I play like WOW RIFT FFXIV RR Wildstar soon etc.

I want new posts to have an icon of a hammer in upward direction for new and downward for read!

I want each section to have a small banner with little gaming pics on right side of it like:

If this is possible let me know I am new to these forums thanks in advance!