Fixed PageNav Left Arrow Problem


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Anytime you increase the font size even a single PX on the page nav the left arrow gets messed up.

Size: 12px(default is 11px):


I noticed the left arrow is wrapped around a <b> tag, but the right arrow is not.

Removing the <b> seems to fix the sizing issue but maybe it was intentional.


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I can indeed confirm this (I brought it up in a thread of mine somewhere, actually)! Had to reset that area to 11px even though KH-Flare 4.0 uses 12px.


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I don't see an obvious point for the <b>; it doesn't appear to make a visual difference. As such, I've removed it.

That said, this is a really weird rendering bug. Chrome actually doesn't have the issue, but FF and IE seem to. It's not obvious why it's happening.