Page showing a user's reported items

Stuart Wright

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I think it's a good idea to keep users updated on the status and final outcome of the reports they have made in the forum. Feeding this information back to them encourages them to continue reporting bad content and therefore helping us to run our forum.
Can we have a page available to users showing their reports?

Chris D

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Just in case you've missed it, it is possible to feedback to a user the result of a report.

It's optional and defaulted to off when you're resolving a report, but when you resolve a report you can give a reason and specify to have that reason sent to a user. It is then sent as an alert.

So not what you're asking at all (and I like the idea) but part of it, i.e. the end result notification, is there already.

Stuart Wright

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Yeah Chris, I saw that there can be alerts. This though is something we gave people with vBulletin and some of them are missing it. Because we appreciate people reporting posts, giving them some feedback in an organised way like this, I think, it has value.

Harpers Tate

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As regards subsequent discussion/content/action etc..., I think there is a case for both
- material that is for Moderators' eyes only (as is the case with any discussion in the reports at present) AND
- material - feedback etc., that is for the benefit of the reporter.
With a very, very clear distinction between the two. Much clearer than the existing string of text "Your comment will only be visible to moderators." which has already been missed by several.

I also think that any communication with the reporter (resolution text, etc) ought to form part of the report history as seen by Moderators. (The current "alert" text is not thus represented as far as I can tell).
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