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[OzzModz] User Name Color 2.0.1 Patch Level 1

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Ozzy47 submitted a new resource:

[OzzModz] User Name Color - Allows your users to set a user name color for themselves

Do your users want a way to express themselves a little more on your forum? User Name Color lets users set a custom color for their username or select from a pre-set style you add.

Need to ensure users aren’t making themselves invisible? Set disallowed colors to ensure that no matter what a user picks, their name will still be visible!

User Features

  • Set custom colors or select a predefined style for their username
Administrator Features

  • Create...

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Hi there, on thread view, only admins' color change is shown, users are shown in default color. User and admin usergroup settings are all same, how can I solve this problem?


I had a question
when a user quotes a post, so the colored username would be shown in default color. Is it possible to show the colored username also in quoted posts?
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Hiya, Ozz! I had a question/request regarding compatibility between two of the add-ons you manage. In particular this one and Global Name Styling.
We like having both add-ons, as it allows us to do specific styling for our moderators that stacks with colors they pick in User Name Colors. However, we've found that with both add-ons, users cannot pick colors for their names currently unless their roles already have a color defined by Global Name Styling. It's absolutely workable, but not ideal.

Would it be possible to have these two be more compatible in the future?