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I started playing Ingress last summer, and decided to build a site that solved some problems I had with the game as a player. Plus I thought it would be a fun thing to build as well.


It's really not a community that much. It's more an analytics application built on top of the XenForo framework.

Basically users can feed their email damage reports from the game into the system and it builds profiles and things based on aggregate data flowing in.

...and it's going to be of zero interest to anyone who doesn't play Ingress, so I won't get into too much detail about what it does unless someone wants to know. lol
Yeah... Don't really care much about the style. It's a tool/system that does a job, and users are there because of what it does, not what it looks like. :)

As far as idea... Really just came about because it was stuff I wish I had as a player. :)
Ha, just installed this app, seems like a fun thing to do :)
It is... I figure if I'm gonna play a game, might as well do something that takes me to cool places and gives me exercise. :)

I started playing last summer, and I've walked over 1,100 km playing since then. :)

Since summer of last year - 1100
Since Dec 2012 - 1600

you = more than 1100 a year
Liam = about 530 a year

Hence the 'only' I would guess.
On a side note, can I just say that running a XenForo site that doesn't get thousands of spams per day is way more fun. haha

System is still growing pretty exponentially for Ingress players... It now has:
  • People feeding data into it from 60 countries
  • 979,007 unique in-game portals seen
  • 257,044 unique players seen
  • Processed 17,349,112 emails that people have forwarded

But back to the original point of this post... not spending 95% of your time dealing with spammers, scammers, etc. is nice. :)
@digitalpoint do you have a process for removing my data from your app?
As a resident of ireland and the eu I never agreed to it bwing used and want to submit a formal request for a removal.
How do I do that?
If you are feeding data, yes you can remove your data by removing your emails.

If by "your data" you are asking that we remove your fictional agent name from other people's emails, it's not possible as we don't have access to people's email accounts (that would need to be something that only Niantic can do for you going forward [they would not be able to alter emails they already sent to users]). Your in-game name existing within a different user's email does not make their email you data. Just like an email you get isn't "owned" by someone else, they also can't delete your emails.

Ingress (and by definition, Outgress) does not transmit any personally identifiable information to other players.

Ingress Privacy Policy:
Privacy Policy said:
You understand and agree that by using our App you will be transmitting your device location to us, and that location, along with your Agent Name, will be shared publicly with other Users


During game play, we will collect certain information, such as your Agent Name, messages sent to other users in public COMMS, and Portals that you interact with, that will not allow others to identify you unless you choose to use your real name and other identifying information.

If you are trying to hide your fictional agent name from being seen in certain places at certain times, my best advice would be to not play a game that transmits your whereabouts to thousands of strangers in realtime via push notifications, comms and email (I don't mean that sarcastically).
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