XF 2.2 outdated template "thread view" remains after upgrade 2.1 to 2.1?


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so i completed an upgrade to 2.2 earlier this week, went pretty seamlessly and i havent had any reports of anything weird...kudos to making that process so simple now!

upon completion I had 3 templates that were listed as outdated. two i recognized as they contained a custom bit of code that displays a rolling date/timer on two of our nodes, and both those merged without issue.

the last one remaining is "thread_view" and it does some odd things when i view the template. practically the entire template appears with green/red boxes over various sections that im completely baffled by as they dont appear custom or forum specific?

trying to merge it results in a number of questions asked of me within the template if i want resolve using parent version, resolve using both or resolve using custom version? there are perhaps half a dozen different sections that ask for this?

im pretty much at a loss here, and this is the only thing spitting out errors in the server log now despite the forum seemingly running fine. Im sure its something stupid, as i specialize in stupid errors!



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Make a copy of the template and save it to notepad.

Revert the template.

Reapply any custom changes using the saved version as a reference.
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will try that.

only catch is, ive gone thru it at least 3 times now and dont find any "custom changes"...or at least nothing I recognize as custom. when we modified all our previous templates (like the other two that merged fine), we were sure to add comments with the date/reason for the new code inserted to avoid this very thing.

looking at this particular template, im at a loss for what is changed unless it was perhaps done by an addon.