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Out of memory error when creating page node

Stuart Wright

Well-known member
I was creating the first page node on our test community.
It had some HTML in it and was a child of the root. The option to display in the node tree was clicked.
I hit save and got this error:
Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 9175040) (tried to allocate 131072 bytes) in /home/sites/xf.avforums.com/public_html/community/library/XenForo/Application.php on line 948
The page was created ok.
I can't put the HTML of the page in here as as it makes the post length more than 10,000 characters.


XenForo developer
Staff member
For reference, that's hitting a memory limit around 9MB -- probably through the RLimitMem -- and PHP's standard default limit is 128MB.