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XF 1.2 Orphan Posts in 1.2.1


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I have about posting Threads of a selected Forum into IRC, taking the new Posts from the DB.
Today a Spambot posted into the forum but got triggered by xenforo´s Spamtool and got deleted.

The IRC Bot still posted the URL into IRC.
I was confused why it´s still showing the URL in IRC but i cannot find it in the Forum anymore.
Well, one of my developers told me it´s because the Posting is still in the Database....

Is this because of 1.2.1 and fixed in newer Versions?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
I don't really understand what it is you're saying.

The spam tools detect registrations classed as spammers and also posts which trigger the spam phrases.
In both cases, they must be manually dealt with by either accepting or rejecting the registration and post.

Spam cleaning a post soft-deletes it.
If you want to hard delete it, select it and permanently delete it.

I don't know what IRC or IRC Bot is.


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Well to explain, i try.
We are running a Service in IRC with an Eggdrop posting Threads from a selected Forum into an IRC Channel.
Seems a spambot came through so the Eggdrop posted that Thread into the IRC Channel....

I wanted to see where it is and could not not find it..... but in the DB the post is still there...
Dont know


XenForo moderator
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Just load the thread URL directly in the browser address bar.

If it exists in the database then it is just soft deleted.