XF 2.2 Change design of posts in one forum? The best way?


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What is economically, please?

To change the look and feel of posts for one certain forum, i can add a child style just for this single forum and just change the post_templates.

Or i can use template syntax like: if forum_id == 123, then add „bgcolor = red“

Or i can use template syntax like: if forum_id == 123, then use template post_macro_extrared … instead of normal post/message-templates.

In my example, there is only one forum to do so, and only things to put away. I also could add:
if forum_id <> 123, show normal xenforo things (means not to show them in my special forum)

To repeat it, i need only one subforum, not many, and i only want to show posts with less things (no avatar, no username …)

What is the best (economic) way to do so, please?

(I dont want to use extra.css to add display:none to the parts, i dont want to have)
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Then you will either need to edit the templates and use conditional statements, or create a new style which is not selectable, edit the templates, and select this option for the node:

Thank you. My point is not how to do it.
My question is, what is the best way to do it from the point of server resources?

Example (i have no idea, what xf is really doing, but maybe something like this:)

Everytime a template is changed and a page is called the first time, XF takes the template and saves it as an almost finished something. Now another user calls a page, XF takes that prepared something from the harddisk (or maybe the RAM), fills in data from mysql and sends it to the user.

With two styles, xf has two times all prepared files?
Or maybe only the changed ones if there is a child-style?

Anyway i makes no big difference, while XF reads just a file from the disc? So it doesnt matter if this is file A or file B?

I have forums prepared with four styles for four areas and nobody is crying there, so it seems there is no problem with that.

I just wanted to know, if there is a best way from the economic point of view.
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