Ordnung! I have no clue to say it in english. (The order)


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The world gets crazy more and more with every day of my life, people seems to have less frontiers, less rules, less concentration. The world is a big pizza with to many different things on it, so i dont know what i want, what i choose, what i do, what i miss, what i prefer.

To give all this people who miss it to have clear frontiers, clear parts and clear ways i have to stop the actuall fashion of having no order on my websites.

For example i made a breadcrump for XF like in VB, and while doing it i found out that you dont have a Ordnung in passing infos to the breadcrump, so i made some if then elses and have it now. (Watch it on xendach.de)

In the same time i found out that there is no clear Ordnung at other parts of XF.

Sometimes we have the big rounded lines around, sometimes not, e.g.
Then compare the popup for a user with the cp page looking like in VB.

Why we have not the same Ordnung, means things in the same row, why have " watch your profile" there? It opens in a page without the menu at the left side. This confuses normal users, i want to have a board for grandparents e.g. and not for nerds.

Why we have arrows for board and users to see the pop-up, but not for cp and communication.

Why i have popups for not selected bars, but not for the selected one?

And please find a nicer way to show the title.

A lot of small parts i have done or will do now to make my board-people happy and for me another running board.

But i think this Ordnung - we like this word here in germany - should come out of the box.
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Like you, I like simple & "fool proof" websites too, & that includes forums.
See my favourite forum http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/

Whirlpool is a super responsive forum written in cold fusion. Very clean look & fool proof. (It is not available commercially so please don't take that as an advertisement.)

I'd like to answer your questions but I don't know what you mean "Ordnung" Can u explain better?
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One example, compare:

1. http://xenforo.com/community/forums/announcements/


Search in the same forum
2. http://xenforo.com/community/forums/announcements/

Is there any reason why it should not look in the same way?

Another example:

Compare how the tabs on the left and the ones on the right react on your mouse.
To open the pull-down-menu i have to touch the arrow on the left, but the text on the right side. Why?

Another example:
If a tab is not choosen, i can see the pull-down-menu with more links to go. If it is selected, i can see these links under it, but why not to have the pull-down-menu also?

Another example:

Try to bring the counter of pages for forums or threads to the left side of your page. I can do it with ul float right/li float left, but for this i need to change the css in a way i dont like, because i have to change to much and maybe have problems later.

There are more examples, where my life is hard, when i want to change the look and feel.
Maybe XF wants to see thousands of equal looking boards outside, maybe everything should be less constructed and planned like it is to see thousands of different looking boards outside. I know that everything is possible with that engine, but i know also that i never has used so much time to change the look and feel of board then the last days, and i made maybe 10% of this work.