XF 2.2 Ordering stickies without addons?


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Is there a way to have stickies appear in a certain order without using an addon?

I tried doing (1) (2) etc at the start of the thread title, but that didn't seem to work.


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some plugins are causing some minor problems and this was one of them.

This is for our specific setup, not a problem with the plugin for the majority of people, just giving us a lil grief.

Mr Lucky

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I have a few forums with those kinds of stickies (rules or info about posting etc). As those stickies often don’t need replies, I just keep them closed and sort by changing the date.


(I just moved the fundraising thread to the top)

Granted this won’t work for open threads but in many cases it’s a decent workaround.

You can change the date in database, using temporarily a date change addon or just bumping yoursel if it’s just moving one to the top.