XF 1.5 Order of Stickies

I have a forum with 4 stickies - I would like the one that's currently showing 4th to appear first - it's my FAQ. Unless I add a second message to the thread, which I don't want to do, editing the original message doesn't seem to move it up the list.

Is there a way to do this, or to "touch" the date so that it will appear to have been created today and therefore be at the top of the list, at least for a while?

Thanks in advance.



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If it's a single locked post, you could just remake it and the more recent date should sticky up top. Or update time stamp on database itself.
Ah, good thought - new thread, just paste in the old text.

I will try that, and thank you very much.

Edit - I'm back, yes, that was brilliant, does exactly what I want. I moved the old one to my test forum for safekeeping, just in case.

Thanks again.

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